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Q- Do we subcontract?

No. When you hire Triple Pane Systems you know you are getting quality and experience. Our factory-trained experts only work for us, so there is no question you will be treated in a professional and courteous manner. Because we do not subcontract, we are able to work closely with you on the look and feel you want on a timetable you are comfortable with.

Q- How will Triple Pane Systems’ products cut down on my energy bill?

There are three pieces of top American-made float glass with two chambers with alpha ten gas to create an overall 1″ insulating space. Within these layers there are atomically thin metallic particles that provide the optimum in heat reflective performance while battling harmful ultraviolet rays that can fade carpets and fabrics.

Q- Will all-vinyl windows hold up in Arizona heat?

No! There are numerous articles warning homeowners of hollow vinyl windows. Warping in our Arizona heat is inevitable. Don’t be deceived by lifetime warranties, they say limited for a reason. Vinyl is a good product when utilized properly. With aluminum reinforcement throughout the master frame and sash rails you have no worries with temperatures exceeding 115°.

Q- Are Triple-Pane windows better than Dual-Pane?

Yes. The main reason homeowners today replace windows is for energy efficiency. With triple-pane windows you have more internal surface of glass to apply low-e and two chambers of gas, in theory its two dual-pane windows in one! This will maximize your energy savings.

Q- Does Triple-pane cost triple the price of dual-pane windows?

With the substantial energy savings one would think so, but that is not the case. They are very comparable in price to quality dual-pane windows.

Q- How are windows rated?

The NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) rates all windows. They rate them with a SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient) and a U-factor. The SHGC tells us how much heat penetrates the window from the outside. The U-factor tells us how much heat is lost from the inside going out. The lower the number, the better the rating.

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